Abandoned but not Forgotten

by Jonathan Baldock

Hiking Trails and Forgotten Places - But not totally forgotten.

I've dedicated this page to keeping alive the memory of these long forgotten places that exist right in our own Communities. Places that perhaps even where this places that we or our Family members, such as Grandparents grew up in before our time. I'll be updating this page just like any other on a regular basis with updated Videos and Photos of different places explored.

All Local Laws pertaining to Private Property and No Trespassing Laws MUST be obeyed at all locations listed here. This Site is for ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY and does not in any way recommend actual physical exploration of locations mentioned here.

If you decide to visit any location contact either the property owner or local Real Estate Board first to arrange a visitation of mentioned locations listed in this Web Site. And have someone with you at all times as well as a Cell Phone with a Fully Charged Battery. Letting someone know when you should be expected to return is also a good idea.

Also note: If you decide to visit any location listed here and you do not follow the simple guidelines mentioned above we are not responsible for the consequences to your self and any such person(s) with you or any such person(s) who you passed along information and locations from this Web Site.

It is also important to note that these locations can be VERY DANGEROUS, trust your instincts and use common sense, we will not be responsible for any injury or even death of any person(s) visiting any of these locations as a result of any reason. i.e., Structural Failure of any visited location(s), Careless and or freak accidents, Confrontation with Property owners or any other individuals, Guard Dogs or any and all other Wild Animals or Person(s) taking up residence at any location visited.

How much risk is there of getting injured?

Plenty, if you aren't careful. In many old buildings, there are large holes in the floors, or floors are so old and flooded that they're on the verge of collapsing. Test the floors in buildings the same way you would test potentially thin ice. Explore abandoned sites slowly and never go alone.



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