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What a piece of art! I received the envelope containing the painting yesterday. Thank you, thank you and ...
You appear to have an artistic taste and are accomplished in what you do.

You are not only an accomplished artist, Jon but also a good business person. You had the courtesy of delivering or have got delivered the envelope and you also alerted me a few days ago that it will soon be on its way.

I will take another look at your creation and if I think of any suggestions, I will take the liberty of getting back to
you but nonetheless these are my initial thoughts.

I can't thank you enough. Have a wonderful day. P. Dhir

Hey got the painting on friday looks amazing┬ádefinately going to get it framed thanks alot.  
That's awesome. Thanks Jon. The renderings are so great! Wonderful gift from God, what you do.
I'm going to get you to do more down the road Keep asking for direction Beautiful job. Thx again.
My overall impression - very beautiful work.I love the mix of fine detail in the house yet the forest is less detailed. It's an accurate depiction of the house and property and since it's a replica, it's nice to distinguish the unique details of this home that are different than the original Campbell house. I also get the feeling that it is a home, not just a historic house.

 - Jonathan Baldock -

Custom Original Artwork