Goals – Achieve any Goal

by Jonathan R Baldock

We all have goals, even the most lowly downtrodden of person, perhaps that individual has more goals than most considering they are probably not where they want to be in life.

Ask Yourself these Things
Don’t allow my current situation or circumstance to control my Goal.
How do I make the Life I want?
How do I get to the Goal I want?
Am I committed to achieving my Goal?
Realize this; there is big difference between Interest and Commitment.
Committed people don’t have excuses, they stop blaming others for their circumstances and issues.

Hope is not a good Strategy, be an Achiever, not a Dreamer, or big talker.
People who Focus on their Goals are more likely to Achieve their Goals.
Do not allow Past or Present Circumstance to determine my Goal.
Big thing to do; Set a Goal which is out of your Comfort Zone.
The act of Writing down my Goals is the first big step.
Consider then; I already know what to do and I should do things differently. How; if I don’t like my current situation then I know that I need to stop doing the things that are creating the situation I don’t like.
Have daily rituals of thinking about my Goals, change my current Habits to different Habits that relate to my Goals which are God, God honoring and Godly.
The Habits I have right now are set to achieve what I have achieved right now.

Routine, Trigger, Reward
Change Routine, break Habit of being myself, replace Routine to change the Habit. Be aware of the Routines and Habits that need to be changed to fit your Goal.
What do I believe?  Explicit or Implicit beliefs? What do I think about myself, the Negative ‘what if.., how come…, why is…’ Basically any Doubts or anything that makes me start to question.
Don’t have opposing Goals and opposing Beliefs.
Set Goals first.
Learn Strategy, Tactics and Process from others.
Habits should be to Focus everyday of getting better and Better and BETTER.
God gave me the ability to set any Goal I want. Choose your Goal. Get help to develop my Strategy, Tactics and Process.
Change my Habits and Beliefs which I can choose to do.
Visualize my Goals in my Mind.
Remove ALL Negative thoughts about myself and chip away at my Goal each day. A little bit of the right Habits and Beliefs in myself will begin to manifest  my Goals.

What is holding me back?!
Working Strategy
Working Tactics
Working Process
Good Habits
Positive self-beliefs

My Big Why
What is God’s purpose for me in this World? I should be using md given and Talents to help others. And when I start to do these things, even before I achieve all my Goals, live my life until I am thoroughly used up.
What is holding me back from achieving my Goals, from using my God given Talents and Gifts to help others and to help myself and achieving success.
What are my underlining Fears of failure and even Fear of success.
Be Empowered and take back control of my life, break away from whatever is holding me back. Take my life from where it is to where you want it to be and God’s Purpose.
Finally, no one knows me like God does, no one knows what I should do, no one knows who I am like God does. Anyone who tells me what they thing I need to do probably has no Goals themselves or missed their own God given Purpose in some way.

And most importantly; Know God and know thyself(brain).


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