Avoiding a Dull Christian Life

by Jonathan R Baldock

Expressing your inner own drive to succeed with your purpose driven life, get with it in your, direct goals, and into living in the thrill of life so, don't just go through the motions. Here's how.

Let your life shine like a light--stand out! "Don't hide out;" be out there--in an exciting, excited life. "Don't blend in" like a nice wallpaper. Be brave, and get into action learning, living out your plans.

If you see dull "stares" or take joking because you do not waste your life (your chance in life) like a wandering herd of sheep, stay true to your education, training, short term goals, medium term and life goals. Here's how to come alive--maybe even a little offbeat--but you won't stick out like a sore finger.

Be strong - kind of stubborn in sticking to your best ideas.

Instead of a popular, cookie-cutter stamped out way of life, try believing in a real thrilling life (that's something else): so that then not many people can say you are "just like them." Being yourself starts as simply as choosing not to wear navy blue, gray, or black instead of your favorite colors.

Stay with the less seen, more natural, or even really old-fashioned styles; seem different--kind of peculiar, but be so cute that some will ask, "Where did you get the idea?"

Beware of mass dumbing-down of the youth in pop culture fads--so don't go there lined up in single file--playing follow the leader...

Find an interesting and profitable kind of education and training.

Be top quality, above it all, by doing something really interesting, not following the fads. Talk to school and college counselors, friends and family to get suggestions, etc.

Get into an "unusual" hobby--or be different by being the tops, like extremely good, at a well known hobby that may even turn into a good business.

Learn how to speak some phrases in a foreign language like Japanese, Chinese, Indonesian, Spanish or German, then say foreign language words at random intervals to practice them--and to be different, not flowing in the current crowd...

Have an interesting collection of your favorite kind of collectibles... your choice or learn about sports for example, baseball...

Go for the gold

Be a really purpose-driven individual, honor God, and seek him by believing and not doubting. Anyone can doubt; be different, believe and live your beliefs:
Like tell people, if you really feel called into a music ministry--and get into a youth ministry (as a youth) and get bible training as a young adult!

Learn to be a good musician and play in a church orchestra to be excited about your work and have the delight of a music career.

Start young in singing, and travel in the summer to sing at youth camps and become a music leader or music minister.

Make your calling assured and work toward being a foreign missionary or a street-mission minister for example, or become an evangelist or pastor or be a good worker.

Think like the manager in business would do. So, whatever you do: Do it as if it is for and to the Lord.

Be a Writer, Be an Expert, Study Math, Science.

Be really serious about studying difficult subjects like the bible, writing a book, or being an expert in history, advanced math, science or some other of your real interests.
Avoid using quick and easy "methods."
Make your own way from scratch.

Be a leader at your own age level or "weight class," or whatever and keep on improving...
Okay maybe you are not a heavy hitter, but you can be in your own way, at your skill and talent level.
There is a demand for all kinds of skills and talents in many ways!

Be an "expert" in sports or in one sport like baseball, and plan on being a sportscaster or even a professional athlete if you have the talent, then go from there:
That's how President Ronald Reagan started. He was a radio sports announcer, an actor, and as a conservative got into politics. So he used his name to get attention, becoming governor of California and then President of the USA. Almost anything is possible.
Also this is similar to how Arnold Schwarzenegger started, as he was a world champion weight lifter, acted, then became the Governor of California.

Make a career as a coach or a professional game official for instance, if you like working with techniques, details, rules and people.

Dont be dull!

Try an easy, not dull hairstyle. If everyone is wearing those pony tails or side-swept bangs, and long, luscious curvy layers--that's everyone else. You are an individual. Go with a comfortable easy, cute hairstyles. Much more unique than those other girls.

Try, instead, switching your style almost everyday of the week. Like learn cute and easy hairstyles, or have a blond wig for a day or two and then a copper red one, "brown" next, or do this with temporary dyes.

Avoid popular diets and sick, skinny looks. Eat right. No one wants to be fat, but don't try too hard to be a "size 0 or 1" like anyone else. Stay healthy looking and be fit and active. You can be healthy and be a size 10 or 12, or whatever is appropriate for your size and build.

Be sharp and quick!

Make sense! "Stay out of the water until you learn to swim." No! That does not work. Get in the water to learn to swim. You have to participate--get with it. Do a quick work to reach the world; "Tag--you're it..."; it's your move... Go for the Gold!

Get involved in an proactive life with your age group, in learning for a special career, take classes, get job training, and for fun participate in league sports, support your family, join in family activities, but don't sit around just watching TV, gaming, movies or videos. Express your self.

And Also:

Don't take it too far and look like you're "just" a fanatic. Have fun and be serious, both--but don't disturb people with way to odd arguments or really strange political T-shirts, for example.

Be yourself; don't be shy or afraid of wearing favorite styles or bright colors just because it's not "in" with everybody--go out on your own in deciding what works for you in your styles.

Don't worry about your hair or clothes styles as they may not matter much anyway; be real, wear simple and classic styles if you like.

Have some fun spicing up your language with foreign words (interpret if you like). Teach a few words to a friend, and stop teaching, if they're irritated by that; try to practice at foreign food restaurants where native speakers can tell you whether or not you're saying it correctly--like Chinese, Japanese, German or Spanish, etc.

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