Art by Jonathan R Baldock

Jonathan R Baldock

Born in Kingston Ontario Canada in 1972 and Raised in Burlington Ontario Canada from the age of 3 years where he Graduated from Nelson High School in 1992. And later attended both Mohawk and Sheridian Colleges. 

Living on his own from the age of 21 years old he pursued Architecture as his Career Choice but all the while having an interest in Art but more as a Hobby than a Career. Subjects started out as Imaginary places then later on in life after the College years his Drawings were more of real places usually relating to Hikes along the Bruce Trail, Small Towns or Country Settings.

Presently his Drawings are Pen/Ink of North American and Local Wildlife, Farms and Country Settings and especially Abandoned Rural Settings.

Currently is still considered an Architectural Draftsperson by Trade, hopes to Pursue Art as a main Career but also currently is putting together a Fully Interactive Public Website to Promote Hiking Trails and Canoe Routes Locally and Worldwide along with other Environmental Concerns and Endeavors.

Is also Currently Married since May of 2005 and has a 6 year old Daughter Hannah with his Wife Gina. 

I don't consider myself a Professional Artist/Illustrator, but I do feel confident enough in my God given Talents to pass on my Skills to others. I think that the Internet is a great way to do this, as anyone can follow along with me at their own pace and or whenever it is convenient to them.

I have combined my Love of Drawing with my passion of Urban and Rural Area Exploration as my more recent Drawing Subjects are of Abandoned Forgotten Places but mostly in their Rural Area Locations. 


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