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Your Working Drawings Design Package will include 3-4 Hard Copies

3/16 or 1/4"=1'-0" Scale

17x11" Hardcopies are done in Colour, with exception being Toronto, their Building Department requires everything in B/W

24x18 or 36x24" for New Home Designs, Additions and Renovations B/W Drawings

Electronic Copies of all Drawings are also included in PDF format on either Disk or Flash Drive as well as the original CAD file.


Drawings will show the following Information:

An Ariel view if needed of your Property with the use if a Professional Drone.

A revised Site plan showing the Existing and Proposed work to be done with Lot area Calculations if needed.

Basement, First and Second Floors both Existing and Proposed with Additions.

Existing and Proposed Front, Leftside, Rightside and Back Elevations if needed.

Existing and Proposed Roof Layout

Cross Sections and any Detail Drawings required showing the Proposed work.


The turnaround time depends on the amount of Design finalizing and revisions during the Design phase.

1 week for Decks, Pavilions, Porches or Detached Garages.

1-2 weeks for Finished Basement or Basement Accessory Apartment Designs.

1-2 weeks for Attached Garages, simple Cottages or basic Home additions.

2-4 weeks for New Home Designs on average.


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