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Design Consultation & On-Site Field Measure
During the On-Site Field Measure which will require 1 to 3 hours of time, we will naturally get a better idea of your tastes and values.

Providing or Updating your Site Plan
Its 50/50, not everyone has their Site plan with their Home, it can get lost over time. We will provide a Basic Site plan which is needed for the Zoning requirement for your Project. Even if you have one it will need to be updated to show the Proposed work to be done at your Property Location.

Design Process
An Email address is a great asset to have, we will send you Preliminary Design Concept(s) based on our initial Design Consultation. These are NOT the final Drawings, Preliminary Drawings are sent in PDF format so you don’t need any special Software to view your initial Design.
Preliminary Designs are bounced back and forth marked up which is the most convenient process.

Preliminary Design
FinaFinal Preliminary Design is taken and produced into Working Drawings.

Final Working Drawings
Final Working Drawings are provided in both Hard Copy and Electronic Formats. Some Municipalities still require you or your Contractor to come in to the Permit Office to apply for a Building Permit while the more up-to-date system allows you to apply on-line form Home.
Any additional Information required for your Permit will be provided free if Charge. Only additional Fees are if you decide to change the Design after the Final Working Drawings have been completed or a Third Party Professional Engineer is required to Sign off on the Drawings.

BCIN or Professional Engineer Stamp
Times have changed, as per the new requirements for Building Permits, all drawings must be completed by a Professional Designer, Stamped and Signed off by the holder of a BCIN number. A Schedule1 form is to be completed by the BCIN holder and included with the Completed Final Working Drawings, your Drawings are worthless without the Schedule1. Download Schedule1 sample here.


Deck Design Estimate: $500-600
Two Level Deck Design: $700-800

Covered Porch: $700-900

Detached Garage Design: $700-900
Detahed Garage with 2nd Floor: $900-1100


Finished Basement: $700-900
Finished Basement Apartment: $800-1200

Individual Siteplan: $300
Drafting Services: $100 base + $50 per hour after
Revised Designs: $200-300

Renovation and or Addition Design: $900-2200
New Home or Cottage Design: $1500-$3500 (75cents/sq.ft. on average)
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